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Hello out there!

Jan Weinberg

The ALCF is a wonderful foundation whose goal is to transform lung cancer
into a chronically managed disease. YES! I was so fortunate to find them,
through my Medical Oncologist and City of Hope. What a great resource,
they work to empower and educate patients. I am blessed.

Together we can make a difference. Give what you can (and if just checking
up on me is what you choose to give, fantastic, keep it up). That's an order!
(I promise to update and tell more of my story soon)
Thank you for being on my team.

Muchlove - Jan



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From our hearts to your lungs!
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Carry On, Cutie! For All Of Us!
5. SSShelley Samuels
You go girl!
goin for the cure! Yay to my favorite warrior, Jan Weinberg!!!
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