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There we were, standing in a concrete hole with no water in it, which would hopefully become our pool. My hand was in his, my Bob the Builder rain boots on with shorts and a t-shirt, I can remember asking a question but now I do not remember the question nor the answer. I just remember the face that looked down at me, it was my Dad. This is the only real memory I have of him. There are pictures, stories and videos but none of those are truly mine. My life changed forever on January 24, 2004 when my Dad passed away from lung cancer, I was three years old and my sister was nine years old. This moment changed my life forever.
While I was young, and people say kids are resilient and bounce back, through the years since his passing I have always felt like I was missing a connection. In October of the seventh grade, I was watching football with my mom and there was television coverage about the NFL supporting breast cancer and all the players wearing pink which got me thinking, why was there no big push for lung cancer. I had lost my Dad to lung cancer and he was never a smoker and the other typical ways to “get” lung cancer could not be connected to his case with the disease. I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to make sure that everyone would have the opportunity to live with their family and have that togetherness with someone they loved. My mom and I scoured the internet for ways to help fight lung cancer and link it with something that I could actually do. We found the Bonnie J Addario Foundation. In the years since I first found the Bonnie J Addario Foundation I have done the race every year in hopes of raising funds and awareness for lung cancer and this has helped me feel a part of healing others and helping others spend more time with their family than I had with my Dad.



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4. KGKristine Grill
Gibson - It's hard to put into words the pride I have in you for continuing the fight that your dad lost. I'm in awe of you and your passion. love you greatly! Aunt Kris, Uncle Christian, Cole and Knox
5. DLDiana Lynch
Go Gibson!!! You make a difference every day!!!! Love and support from the Tennessee Lynch's.
6. DDad
Gibson, So proud of the young man you have become! Your Dad would be so proud of you. Love you!!!