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Team ALKenators

Lung Cancer has the lowest 5 year survival rate; only 1 in 10 people with lung cancer will survive 5 years. This year, as I celebrate my 5TH CANCERVERSARY, I'm feeling well and looking forward to continuing to beat the odds. I've been so beyond blessed over the years. Life's given me so much t be thankful for! However, I can't turn a blind eye to all the friends who I've met throughout my journey, who haven't been as fortunate. For this reason, I support The ALCF and all that they do for patients like me; they have been a great partner through this journey of mine and I know that they will continue to fight for the LC community...they are making a difference, and I can say that from personal experience- Team ALKenators

p.s. As for the name "ALKenators"? Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) is the genetic mutation which has caused the cancer in my body. ALKenators-"Terminator"...get it? LOL!


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